How to order a card ?
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In the first step, confirm that you have read the regulations, without them we cannot look at your data ;) seriously, such regulations. 

In the second step we will ask you for detailed information about you, if you are a foreigner  check box here, to have offer insurance of treatment costs in Poland. 

In the third step we will ask who you are, thanks to your answers we will be able to choose a card or card dedicated to you.
If you are a student, student or teacher and you do not have a card number, type "certificate".
Remember to attach two pages of your card or a scan of your certificate. You can take a photo with your mobile phone.

In the fourth step you will be asked to take a photo of your card. It is worthwhile for the photo to show your face without any adds such as a hat or dark glasses band. If you don't have a photo, take a selfie. It's ok, really.
Attention after the cropping is done, we still have both the photo cropping and the original.

In the fifth step, we'll offer you the IDs and cards. Pay attention to the expiry date.

The cards are also assigned insurance, and to them there are additions to the insurance. Can't you decide on insurance? You can always buy them later. Just remember that insurance is valid as long as your card is valid.
If you have already chosen, please specify how to deliver your card. The plastic card contains a virtual card. You can then order a parcel of the plastic card for the virtual card.

Now look at your order, if everything agrees click on the order. A request for order confirmation with a payment link will come to your e-mail address. Check your offer folder, spam box etc. 
if you do not receive this information within 10 minutes - contact us

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